Recently  I   have  been  confined   to   my  bed  , due   to  a  temporary  medical   condition ,  with   nothing    to    do   except    staring   vacantly     into   space  , an   idle   mind   crowding    with   so   many     unwanted    thoughts , much   similar   like   weeds   in  a  beautiful    garden .   My   son   has   so  thoughtfully    provided   me   with    ample   material   to   read  , so   as  ”  to   pass  your   time  ”    as  he   succintly   put  it  .  With    the   result   I  have    been   flooded   with  a   variety    of   books  ,  belonging   to   different  genres   and  categories ,  spoilt   for   choice .

I  picked   out     two  different   books   , only   to   find   that   both   had   a   similar   thread   running   through   them   and   belonged    to   the   category  of    ”  self   help  ” .  One    of   them   was    the  greatest     spiritual    personalities   of  our  times  , Dada   Jashan  Vaswani   whose   book  was    titled   ”  Say   no   to  Negatives ”  , and   the   second   one   was   the    author  of  the  now    famous    series   ”   the  monk    who   sold   his   ferrari ”  . This   book   by   Robin  Sharma  , had  the   most  intriguing    title   ”   who    will   cry  , when   you   die ” ?

 Both   the   authors  exhort  you   to    give   your   best   to  the    world  , and    in   the   bargain   be   enriched   yourself  , enhancing    the   quality   of   your   life .

A    few   practical   suggestions   that   emerged   in  the   process  and   were   extremely  ”  doable  ”  were   as   follows  ;

 To   build   your  self   worth :

1.  Realize  that   you   are   unique  .You   have   been  endowed   with   special  gifts  and  traits   that  that   will   greatly   benefit  you  , and  others   around   you .Try   to   find    out   your   special    strengths  and     gifts   and   use   them  , to  your   advantage .

2.  Think   of   what   you   enjoy  doing   most ,   singing  , dancing ,  story  –  telling ,  mimicry , cooking  ,  gardening  , painting  and   add     all  these    activities   to   your    daily  routine   and   life .Your   passion   will    allow    you   to   scale    greater  heights   , be   at  your   creative   best   and  who  knows   ?   . You   may   create   masterpieces   for    posterity .

3 .Indulge   in  meaningful  activities    that   lend   depth   to   your   life .  Associate   with    an  NGO ,  a   satsang   group  , a  meditation   or   Yoga   class  and    you   will  find  an  inner  peace  ,  calm   and  tranquility   in    your   life   ,  which   could   otherwise   become   an  aimless  and     empty   existence .  

4 .Avoid    people    who   are   full   of   negativity  ,  and   never   pass  up   an  opportunity  to  criticize   others  .  Such    people  will  always  try  to  pull  you   down  and  belittle  your   self  –  worth .

5.  Make   a    difference  to   others –  a  kind  word  ,  a  dazzling   smile  , a  helping   hand , a  loving  and  small  gesture   will   go   a   long   way,  to   alleviate  misery   and   spread   sunshine  wherever   you  go . Leave   the  world    a    little   better    place , than   you   found  it  . Plant  trees   ,  or  even   a  small   patch   of  greenery  will  go  a  long   way   to  spread  cheerfulness  all  around  us  . Be  kind   to   all  forms   of   Life    and   respect  God,s    creation .

Above   all  ,   remember   that  God     loves  you ,  and   brought  you  to   this  world  , built  in  his  own   image  , for  a  purpose . So   never  underestimate    or  belittle   yourself . Keep   yourself   connected   to  Him  ,  through     a   small     prayer   from   time  to  time . It   could    be   as   simple   as   -THANK    YOU  GOD !!!!


Bitter   gourd  is   a  green   creeper   found   all  over  India   and   in   tropical    climates  .It   is   mostly   grown   in  Northern  and  Southern   states  but  also   found  in   other  parts   of   India .

The   juice   from  the  bitter  gourd  (  known  as  Karela , in  Hindi ) or   its   leaves mixed  with   honey  taken   for  seven  to  ten  days   or  longer   if  necessary ,  helps  in  liver  problems .

Half  a  cup  of  Bitter  gourd juice   mixed  with   a  little   honey  and  taken once   daily  for  seven  to  ten  weeks  will help  cure  stomach   ulcers , asthma  and   bronchitis  .

Diabetics  should   eat  cooked   bitter  gourd  as  part  of  their  meals   as  often  as  possible . Another  effective  remedy  is  to take  one  bitter gourd   , one  small  cucumber , and  one  tomato  and  put  them  in  a  blender  . Extract  the  juice  by  adding  a  small  glass  of water  and  drink  this  vegetable  juice   every  morning  on  an  empty  stomach  .  Its  an  effective  remedy  for  Diabetes .

About  half  to  one  cup  of  fresh  bitter  gourd  juice  mixed  with  a   teaspoonful  of  fresh   lime  juice  and  sipped  daily   on   an  empty   stomach  will  clear  the  skin  of  pimples ,  boils  , marks  and  also  purify  and  enrich  the   blood  . 

Last   but   not  the  least  , the  juice  of   bitter  gourd  relieves  burning  of   soles  of  the  feet , which   is  a  common  problem  in  Diabetics .



Two  seeds   lay   side   by  side  in  the   fertile  spring   soil . The  first  seed  said  , “  I  want  to grow !  I  want   to  send  my   roots   deep  into   the  soil  beneath  me  and  thrust  my   sprouts   through  the   earth’s  crust   above   me  …… I  want   to   unfurl    my  tender   buds  like  banners  , to  announce  the  arrival  of  spring  ….  I  want   to   feel   the  warmth  of  the   sun  on  my  face  and   the   blessing  of  the   morning  dew  on  my   petals  !!”  And   so   she   grew .

 The   second   seed  said , “ I  am  afraid  . If  I  send  my   roots  to   the   ground   below  , I  don’t  know  what  I  will  encounter  in  the  dark . If   I  push  my  way through  the  hard   soil  above  me  , I  may  damage  my   delicate   sprouts ….  What  if  I  let  my   buds  open  and  a  snail   tries   to  eat  them ?  And  if   I  were  to  open   my  blossoms ,  a  small   child   may   pull  me  from   the   ground . No  ,  it  is   much  better   for  me  to   wait   until  it  is   safe  “ . And   so   she   waited  .

A  yard   hen , scratching  around  in  the  early  spring  ground   for   food  ,  found  the   waiting  seed  and  promptly   ate  it .

Moral  of   the   story  ; Those  of  us  who   refuse  to  risk   and  grow ,  get   swallowed  up   by  Life  .


Kabhi  saaya  bankar  peecha  kare ,  kabhi  hamsafar , hamraaz bankar  saath  chale ,

Har  haal  mein , mera  aur  sirf  mera  saath  de , 

Wo  saathi hai  jaise  janmon  janmon  ka ,  saari  duniye   aage  nikle  ya  peeche ,

Mera  saath  badi  wafaa  se  nibhaata  aaya ,

Mera  yeh   akelapan  , aur  meri  yeh  tanhai .

Mujhe  pyar  se  sawaanre  ,mujhe  pyar  se  sahlaaye ,

Zindagi  meri  kabhi  nikharta  , kabhi   bigaadta  , 

Kabhi  palkon  pe  bithaatha  kabhi  gire  huye  aansuon  ko  samet  leta ,

Jab  rah  mein  thokar  khakey  gir  padun , 

Mujhe  sambhaalta  hua , apne  seene  me  chupata  hua , 

Kisi  maa  ke aanchal  ki  tarha  , 

Mera    yeh  akelapan , aur  meri  yeh  tanhai .

Tootke  dil  ke   hazaaron  tukde  huye , kahan  bikhre,  kaise  bikhre , 

Aur  moti  ban  gaye ,

In   bikhre  motiyon  ki  mala  banee , 

Us  mala  ko  muskrakar , bedard  bankar , pehnta   hai ,

Yeh   mera   akelapan  ,     yeh   meri   tanhai !!

Mere   gam   mein   gamgeen  hai  ,  meri  khushi  me  shaamil  hai , 

Kabhi  saamne  na  aye  , kabhi  chehra  kisi  aur  ko  na  dikhaye , 

Dhoondne  se  bhi  na  mil paye ,

Lekin  door  se chup  chup  kar  mujhe  nihare,

Kabhi  muskrata  hua  , kabhi   mujhe  bulaata  hua  ,

Yeh  mera  akelapan  aur  yeh  meri  tanhai  !!!!!!!!!!!!


This   is   a   small  attempt     to  translate  the  poem  which  is  an  ode   to  loneliness .  i  have  not  tried  to  give  you  a  literary  translation  because  it  is  generally  believed  that  the  true  essence  or    ethos   of  the  poem  is  lost  in  translation .  This  effort   is   aimed  towards  my  international   friends  and   followers  of  this  blog  .  

Every  scripture  or  religion  basically  has  the  same  thought  or  refrain   running  through  its  pages  . We  are  born  alone  and  have  to  die  alone . Ultimately  we  have  to  go  through  this  difficult  journey  and  business  of  living  Life  alone .  So   make  Solitude  your  friend  and  learn  to  live  with  him  in  harmony  and  peace .  Whether  Life  gives   you  joy , or  trials  and  tribulations  , our  loneliness  is  our  constant  companion .So  do  not  shun  him  as  an  enemy  but  embrace  him  as  your  lover  . Your  shadow  is  the  only  companion  who  will  follow  you  everywhere , whether   in  sunrise  or  sunset . Learn  to  accept  loneliness  or  solitude  as  an  inseparable  part  of  your  Life . 

When  we  are  in  the  last  lap  of  our   journey  , it  will  not  be  our  riches  or  worldly   possessions  that  will  accompany  us  to  the  Astral  world  ,  but  our  good  deeds  and  rich  cache  of  memories  that  we  will  leave  behind   in  the  hearts   that  will  continue  to  live  long  after  we  are  no  more .  


It   was   Winston   Churchill  who  popularised   the  slogan :  Never ,  never  give  up !  Never  , never ,  never  give  in !

 What  is the  point   in  going  on,  if  circumstances  are  so  bad ,  someone  asked  him  ,  ” All  the  more  reason  to  go  on  ! If  you  are  going  through  hell  , you  must  keep  on  going ! ” was  his  reply .

Many  people  whom  you  regard  as successful and  fortunate , are  the  people  who  kept  going  on against  all  odds  –  Infosys  founder Narayan   Murthy  sold  his  wife’s  jewels  to  set  up  his  new  venture  :  Sachin  Tendulkar   grew  up  with  mohalla  cricket .  J.K . Rowling   the  writer  of  the  famed  Harry  Potter series   faced  several  rejections  and  disappointnents .But  they  never  ever  gave  up  hope . They    never  ever  gave  up  trying !

None  of  them  followed a  beaten  route  but  blazed  a  trail  of  their  own . ” All  things  are  possible  until  proven  impossible ” said  Pearl . S .Buck So  here   are   a few of  those  inspiring  names   who  have  continued  to  motivate  people  to  give  their  best !  

1. The   great  composer  Beethoven  was  often  clumsy  and  awkward  with  the  violin . His  teacher  referred  to  him  as  “a  hopeless   composer “. 

Today  his  compositions  are   immortal and  serve  as  examples  for  budding  musicians  to  emulate  and  learn .

2 .  Albert  Einstein  could  not  speak  properly  till  he  was  four  , and  could  not write  properly  till  he  was  seven . His  teacher  described   him  as  

‘”  mentally   slow  . 

3 .Louis    Pasteur , John  Keats  , and    Bill  Gates   were  considered  ” mediocre  students “. 

 4.Jonathan  Livingston  Seagull  , the  inspirational  bestseller  by  Richard  Bach  , was    turned  down  by  no  less than eighteen  publishers  before Macmillan  finally  published  it  in  1970 .

5 .Gone  with  the  wind   , the  epic , which is  still considered   an  unparalleled  masterpiece  and  was  made  into  the  biggest  blockbuster  of  its  times  was  turned  down  by twenty  five  publishers .

6.Jack  Canfield  and Mark  Hansen  faced  rejection  at  the  hands  of   thirty – three  publishers  when  they  brought  out   the  first  volume   of   ” chicken   soup  for  the   soul  “. But  they  got  plenty  of  insults  .   “its  too  nicey  – nice. Nobody  wants  to  read  these  short  little  stories  . Today  the  books  have  their  own  sucess  stories   and  rank  among  the  best sellers  in  the  world .

7. A  tour  manager  said  to  Elvis  Presley , “You  are  not  going  anywhere . You  ought  to  go  and  drive  a  truck  !  “We  all know  how  Elvis  became  a  legend !

But  these   brave  women  and  men  never  gave  up  , and  History  is replete  with  more  such   stories.  They  pursued  their  goals  relentlessly  , with  conviction  and  courage  and  the  never  – say  – die  spirit  and  worked  hard  to  achieve  that  iconic  status  ,  with  their  own  efforts  and  perseverance .

They  became  superstars  in  their  own  fields  and    carved  their  own  niche  in  the  hearts  of   millions  of  people  !!!!!!!  


This  is  a  really  refreshing   summer drink , which  cools  down   the   body  and  provides  instant  energy with its   healthy  and  cooling  ingredients . Go ahead  and  make  this  concentrate  at  home  and  store  it , for  an  energizing  drink  in  the hot  summer  months .

INGREDIENTS  :  25   almonds  , 2 teaspoons full  peppercorns  , 30  pods  of  cardamoms  (illaichi)  2 teaspoons  jeera  (cumin seeds ) , 2 teaspoons  saunf (  fennel  seeds )  1 teaspoon   khus  khus  ( poppy  seeds )  . a few  rose  petals  (  optional ) .

 Soak  all  the  above  ingredients  seperately  in cups  of  water  for  3  -4  hours .

METHOD  :   Mix  all the  ingredients  together  in  a  blender  and  grind  them  to a  fine  paste . then  add   a  small  cup    of  water  and  grind it  once  more . Make  about  one  and  a  half  cups of the  paste  by  adding  water  slowly  into  the  blender , much  the  same  way  as  you  would  extract  coconut  milk  .take  the  liquid  paste  out  of  the  blender  and  strain  it  through  a  thin  muslin  cloth  and  keep  it  aside .

 Make  a  sugar  syrup  with   4 cups  of  water   and  4 cups  of   sugar  and  boil  them  together  to  one  thread  consistency  and  strain  the  sugar  syrup  after  adding   one  tablespoon  of  milk , to  remove  all impurities  of  the  sugar . The  milk  should  be  added  while the  syrup  is  boiling  , and  the impurities  will  skim  to  the surface  . gently  remove  them from  the  surface .

 W hen  the  sugar  syrup   is   completely  cool  , mix the  concentrate  with  it  and   store  it  in a  sterilized  bottle  in  the  refrigerator .  Add  a   few  rose  petals  to  the  syrup  before  storing  it .    

While   serving  the   drink   mix  two  tablespoons    with  chilled  milk  and  serve  in tall  glasses . This  is  a refreshing  and  cool  summer  drink  !!!!   


This   is  interesting  .After  reading  this  you  will  never  look  at  a  banana  in  the  same  way  again .

BANANAS :  Containing  three  natural  sugars  –  sucrose  ,  fructose  ,  and  glucose  combined  with  fiber,   a   banana  gives  an  instant , sustained  and  substantial  boost  of  energy  .  Research  has  proven  that  just  two  bananas   provide  enough  energy  for  a  90  minute  workout. No  wonder  the  banana  is  the  numero  uno  fruit  with  the  world,s  leading  athletes .

But energy  isn’t  the  only  way  a  banana  can  help  us  keep  fit  .It  can  also help  overcome  or  prevent  a  substantial  number  of  illnesses  and  conditions , making  it  a  must  to  add  to  our  daily   diet .

 P .M .S  :  Forget  the  pills  –  eat  a  banana  . The  vitamin  B6  it  contains  regulates  blood  glucose  levels , which  can  affect  your  mood  swings  on  these  difficult  days  .

ANEMIA  :  High  in  iron  , bananas  can  stimulate  the  production  of  haemoglobin  in  the  blood ,  and  so  helps  in  case  of  anemia   which  is  commonly  prevalent  in  women , due  to  blood  loss  every  month .

BLOOD  PRESSURE  : This  unique  tropical  fruit  is  extremely  high  in  potassium  yet  low  in salt ‘  making  it  perfect  to  beat  blood  pressure , So  much  so , the  U .S . Food  and  Drug  Administration  has  allowed  the  banana  industry  to  make  official  claims  for  the  fruit’s  ability  to  reduce  the  risk  of  blood  pressure  and  stroke .

BRAIN  POWER  : A  test  carried  out  on  200 students  at  a Twickenham  ( Middlesex )  school  proved ,that  they   were  helped  through  their  exams  this  year  by  eating  bananas  at  breakfast , break , and  lunch  in  a  bid  to  boost  their  brain  power . Research  has  shown  that  the  potassium – packed  fruit  can  assist  learning  by  making  pupils  more  alert .

CONSTIPATION  : High  in  fiber , including  bananas  in  the  diet  can  help  restore  normal  bowel  action, helping  to  overcome  the  problem  without  resorting  to  laxatives . 

ULCERS  : Bananas  are  used  as  a  dietary  food  against  intestinal  disorders  because  of  its  soft  texture  and  smoothness  . It  neutralizes  over acidity  and  reduces  irritation  by  coating  the  lining  of  the  stomach.

HEARTBURN  : Bananas  have  a  natural  antacid  effect  in  the  body ,  so  if  you  suffer  from  heartburn ,  try  eating  a  banana  for  soothing  relief .

HANGOVERS :  One  of  the  quickest  ways  of  curing  a  hangover  is  to  drink  a  banana  milk shake , sweetened  with  honey . Bananas  calms  the  stomach  with  the  help  of  honey,  builds  up  the  depleted  sugar  levels  and   rehydrates   your  system .

So  a  banana   really  is  a  natural  remedy  for  many  ills . When  you  compare  it  to  an  apple , it  has  four  times  the  protein , twice  the  carbohydrates ,three   times   the  phosphorus , five  times  the  vitamin  A  and  iron and  twice  the  other  vitamins  and minerals .It  is  also  rich  in  potassium  and  is  one  of  the   best  value  foods  around. So  maybe  its  time  to  change  that  well known  phrase  to  say  “A  banana  a day  keeps  the  doctor  away ! ”  


Take  time  to  work  –  it  is  the  price  of  success .

Take  time  to  think  –   it  is  the  source  of  power .

Take  time  to  play    –  it  is  the  secret  of  youth  .

Take  time  to   read   –  it  is  the  foundation  of  wisdom  .

Take  time  to  be  friendly  –  it  is  the  road  to  happiness .

Take  time  to  dream   –  it  is  hitching  your  wagon  to  a  star .

Take  time  to  laugh   –  it  is  music  to  the  soul  .

Take  time  to  love  and  be  loved   –   It  is  ”  GOD ‘S  GREATEST   GIFT   TO  US  ” ! ! !


ISN’T  IT  STRANGE  how  a  twenty rupee  note  seems like  such  a  large  amount  when  you  donate  it  to a temple , but  such  a  small  amount  when  you  go  shopping  ?

ISN ‘T  IT  STRANGE   how  two  hours  seem  so  long  when  you  are  at  the  temple  ,and  how  short they  seem  when  you  are  watching  a  good  movie  ?

ISN’T   IT  STRANGE  that  you  can’t  find  a  word  to  say  when  you  are  praying , but  you  have  no  trouble  thinking  what  to  talk  about  with  a  a  friend  ?

ISN’T  IT   STRANGE  how  difficult  and  boring  it  is  to  read  one   chapter  of  the  BHAGAVAD  GITA  but  how  easy  it  is  to  read  hundred  pages  of  the  latest  best  seller  ?

ISN’T  IT  STRANGE  how  every one  wants   front -row  tickets  to  concerts  or  games , but  they  do  whatever  is  possible  to  sit  at  the  last  row  in  a  religious  function  ?

ISN’T  IT   STRANGE   how  we  need  to  know  about  an  event  at  the  temple  two  -three  weeks  before  the  day  so  we  can  include  it  in  our  agenda , but  we  can  adjust  it  for  other  events  even  at  the  last  minute .

ISN’T  IT  STRANGE   how  difficult  it  is  to  learn  a  fact  about  God  to  share  it  with  others but  how easy  it  is to  learn ,  understand  ,extend  and  repeat  gossip  ?

ISN’T  IT  STRANGE  how  we  believe  everything  that  magazines  and  newspapers  say ,  but  we  question  the  words  in  the  BHAGAVAD  GITA  ?

ISN ‘T  IT  STRANGE   how  everyone  wants  a  place  in  Heaven , but  they  don’t  want  to  believe , do ,  or  say  anything  to  get  there  ?

ISN ‘ T  IT  STRANGE  how  we  send  jokes  in  e – mails  and  they  are  forwarded  rightaway  , but  when  we  are  going  to  send  messages  about  God , we  think  about  it  twice  before  we  share  it  with  others ?

IT ‘S  STRANGE …………….  ISN ‘ T   IT    ???????????


A  strong  woman  works  out  every  day  to  keep  her  body  in  shape ,

But  a  woman  of  strength  kneels  in  prayer  to  keep  her  soul  in  shape;

A  strong  woman  isn,t  afraid  of  anything ,But  a  woman  of  strength  shows

her  courage  in  the  midst  of  her  fear;

A  strong  woman  won,t  let  anyone  get  the  best  of  her ,But  a  woman  of  strength ,

gives  the  best  of  herself  to  everyone .

A  strong  woman  makes  mistakes  and  avoids  the  same  in  the  future,

But  a  woman  of  strength  realizes  Life,s  mistakes  can also  be God,s blessings

and  capitalize  on  them .

A  strong  woman  walks  sure – footedly , but  a  woman  of  strength  knows God will ,

catch  her  when  she  falls .

A  strong  woman  wears  the  look  of  confidence  on  her  face ,

But  a  woman  of  strength  wears  grace .

A  strong  woman  has  faith  that  she  is  strong  enough  for  the  journey ,

But  a  woman  of  strength  has  faith  that  it  is  in  the  journey  that  



This  happened  to  me  in  the  chilly  winter month  of  December  .Cold  weather  brings  with  it  a   myriad  set  of  aches  pains, blocked  noses  ,ears ,  sinuses ,  and  other  ailments .Joint aches  knee  pains,  and  arthritic  problems  rear  up  their  heads  like  a  hooded  cobra !        

On a dark , chilly  morning , I  woke  up  to   the  sounds  of  silence ! . suddenly  i  discovered that  my  ear  had  blocked  out  all  the  sounds that  one  associates  with  a  normal  routine and mundane  beginning  of  another  day .The  usual  chirping  of  the  song  birds , the  cock crowing , and  the  nearby  temple  bells  ringing  to  usher  the  arrival  of  a  new  dawn , the  milk – man  ringing  his  cycle  bell and  so  on  was  missing . I  was  alarmed  and  went  into  ” panic  –  mode ,”  fearing  the  worst . Visions  of  me  going  tone  deaf ,and  the  dreaded  visit  to  the  E. N .T . specialist , who  would  check  my  ear ,shake  his  head  in  despair , and pronounce in  a  sombre  voice  ” Madam ,you  will  need  a  hearing – aid  now  onwards ”  flashed  in  front  of  my  eyes .  The  unbridled  horse  of  my  imagination  was  reigned , when my  husband,s voice  jolted  me  out  of  my  reverie . ” What ,s  wrong  with  you  dear ? are  you  all  right ? Saw  a  nightmare  or  something? “.  Now  i have  an  irrational  fear  of  hospitals  , the  strong  antiseptic  smell of  formaldehyde  , and  other  instruments  of  torture  that  Doctors  generally  use . So  i  immediately  composed  the  expression  on  my  face  ,tried   to  make  light  of  the  situation  by  saying  airily ,” oh ,nothing  at  all ,  I  am  quite  all right  ” . ” Do take  care  ”  he  advised  me  kindly  and  left   for  his  day  to  work.

The  next  few  days  passed  in a haze  of  muted  sounds ,  with  me  walking  around  the  house  like  a zombie  until  I  decided  to  take  the  situation  in  my  stride  and  gradually I  began  to  actually  enjoy  my  condition. When  the  kids  heard  about  it  ( finally  i  had  to  take  someone  into  my  confidence ) they  were  very  sympathetic but  extracted  a  promise  from  me  that  i  would  not  go  out  of  the  house  in  my  condition  .I was  actually  esctatic and happy  to  obey  them  .  No  more  going  out  on  crowded  roads ,  no  more tolerating the  rude ,  jostling ,  shoving  and  pushy  aggressive  pedestrians   nor  bearing the  persistent  blaring  deafening  honks  and  horns  of  irate  angry  drivers  ready  to  explode  with  their  suppressed  and   frustrated  Road  rages  and  frequent  outbursts  of  temper  .

Man , I was  in  heavenly  bliss  and  soon  i  started  to  find  excuses for  not  attending  to  the persistent  ringing  of  phones , cell -phones  or  landlines   citing  my  lack  of  hearing . ” oh , i am sorry  , i  couldn,t  hear  the  phone  in  the  kitchen , the  cell  must  have  been  in  the  bed -room ”  i  would  say  with  a  sheepish  look  on  my  face  .A couple  of  days  later the  kids  came  home  exasperated  and tired and  complained  ,” this  has  to  stop . why  can,t  you  answer  the  phone ?” incidentally  ,  I  belong  to  the  generation and    time  when  cellphones did  not  exist  and  we  survived  pretty  well  without  them !  not  only  survived  but   also   thrived !  I  also  believe  that  cellphones  are  an  intrusion  of  your  privacy . Nothing  irritates  me  more  than  the  sight  of  people who  behave  as  if  the  cellphone is  a source  of  their  oxygen!  Their  phones  don’t stop  ringing  and  they  talk  incessantly even  while   driving  and  generally   are  a  nuisance on  the  road . Anyway , I  tend  to get  passionate  , involved  and get  carried  away  sometimes  when  I am  on  the subject  of  my pet  peeve .

After  much  persuasion by  my  children  I consented  to  go  to  the Doctor . Accordingly  an  appointment was  fixed  and  the  dreaded  day  arrived  , bright  and  sunny . I  was  ushered into  the  doctor,s room  where  he  thoroughly checked  my  ear , prescribed  some  antibiotics ,eardrops  and  promised  me  that  it  would  be  allright  in  a few  days .

Within  two  days  of  the  medication  one  fine  morning, i woke up to  all  the usual  sounds –  the  birds were  chirping,   the  cock  crowing  , the  temple  bells  were  ringing – the  milk -man was  ringing  his  cycle bell  and  M.S .Subbulaksmi,s melodious  voice  was  singing  the  “Suprabatham”  and  all was  well  with  my  world  .



A   little   girl   walked   to  and  from  school   daily . Though   the  weather  that  morning   was   questionable  and   clouds   were   forming  , she   made   her  daily  trek   to   the    elementary   school .

As   the   afternoon  progressed ,  the  winds  whipped  up  , along  with  thunder  and   lightning . The  mother  of  the   little   girl    felt   concerned   that   her   daughter   would  be   frightened   as  she   walked   home   from   school   and   she   herself   feared   that  the   electrical   storm   might  harm  her  child .  Following   the   roar  of   the  thunder . lightning , like   a   flaming   sword ,  would   cut  through   the   sky  , the   concerned  and  worried  mother   got  into  her  car  and   drove   along   the  route  to  her  child ,s    school . As   she    did    so , she   saw   her   little   girl   walking   along ,  but   at   each   flash   of   lightning  , the  child   would stop ,  look   up   and   smile . Another  streak  ,  and  another  , and  the   child   looked  up  and   smiled  brilliantly .  When   the   mother,s  car  drove  up  beside   the   child , she  lowered   the   window  and  called  to  her , ”  what    are   you  doing ?  why   do  you   keep   stopping  ? ” .  The   child  answered  ”  I  am   trying   to    look    pretty , God   keeps   taking   my    picture  .” 

Face   the  storms   of  your   life   , that   come   your   way  , and  most  important  , Don”t     forget   to  smile  !!!!

Goodness of Coconut for the Skin

This tropical trooper comes in with a host of health benefits , Some of them are weight control , easing digestion , prevents ageing , improves skin tone , by acting as an excellent moisturizer . Organic coconut oil makes your skin soft , supple & lends a glow & sheen to it ; its totally safe to use on babies & young children too . As a skin toner it contains Vitamin E , another Anti- Oxidant , popular for hastening the recovery of skin abrasions , open wounds , cut injuries ,  skin contractures , lacerations , burns & other trauma,. 

The Vitamin E content in the oil helps in damage control of the skin & leaves it soft , supple & satin smooth . Coconut oil can also treat psoriasis, eczema, rosacea & even wrinkles. Its a A Proven & Unique Antiseptic & AntiMicrobial. Did  you also know  Coconut Oil has the ability to cure acne. Its anti microbial properties kill the bacteria which causes acne . And if you    are worried about wrinkles  ,then let me tell you , its  a Powerful Antioxidant To Smooth Away Your Wrinkles. Further its an An Effective Emollient , A layer of coconut oil covers your skin, soothing it of all the itchiness & dryness and making it smooth and soft. It also provides an extra glow  . Not to forget it also prevents premature aging and degenerative diseases due to its remarkable properties. What more can one ask for ? 

Parachute Advansed Body Lotion acts as an excellent moisturizer , It  Makes You Look Younger & I must say that its the most skin friendly form of coconut and minimizes the chances of skin intolerance. It truly feels like Heaven & tempts one to indulge in coconut therapy . On this note , I sign off as its my time to indulge in coconut therapy , What about you ? 

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Once   upon  a  time , two  brothers ,  who  lived   on  adjoining  farms  , fell  into   conflict  .It   was   the   first  serious    rift  in   40  years  of  farming ,side  by  side , sharing   machinery  , and  trading   labour  and  goods  as  needed  , without  any  conflict .Then   the  long  collaboration  fell   apart . It   began   with  a  small    misunderstanding ,  and  grew  into  a    major   difference ,  and   finally  it  exploded  into  an  exchange   of  bitter   words   followed   by  weeks   of   silence .  One   morning   there   was  a  knock on  John’s  door . He  opened  it  to  find  a  man   with  a  carpenter’s  toolbox  . ”  I  am  looking  for   a  few  days  work  ”  . Perhaps  , you  would  have  a  few  small  job’s  , here  and  there ,   I could  help  with ?   Could  I  help  you  ?    ”  Yes  ,  I  do  have  a  job  for  you ” , said  the  older  brother  . ”  Look  across  the  creek at  that   farm  . That ‘ s  my  neighbour ;  in  fact , its  my  younger  brother . Last  week  there    was  a  meadow  between  us  and   he   took  his   bulldozer   to   the   river  levee  and  now  there   is  a  creek   between  us . Well , he  may  have  done  this  to  spite  me , but    I’ll  do  him   one  better . See  that    pile   of   lumber  by   the  barn  ?     I  want  you  to  build  me  a  fence  –  an   8   foot    fence –  so   I  won’t  need   to   see  his  face  or  place  anymore . ”   The   carpenter  said ,  ”  I  think  I   understand  the  situation .  Show   me   the  nails  and  and  the   digger    and   I ‘ll   be   able   to  do   a    job   that  pleases  you .”

The   older   brother  had  to  go  to  town , so  he  helped  the   carpenter  get   the  materials  ready  and  then  he  was  off  for  the  day . The  carpenter   worked   hard  all  day  measuring , sawing nailing . About  sunset   when   the   farmer  returned , the  carpenter   had    just  finished  his   job .

The    farmer’s  eyes   opened  wide ,  his  jaw   dropped . There   was  no   fence  there   at   all . It   was  a   bridge  –   a   bridge   stretching    from    one   side   of  the  creek  , to  the   other !!!!!   . A  fine   piece   of    work ,  handrails    and   all  –    and   his   neighbour ,  his  younger   brother  was   coming   towards  them , his  hands  outstretched  . 

”  You   are   quite  a    fellow  to  build  this   bridge  after  all  I ‘ve    said   and  done”.said    the  younger  brother  with  a  catch  in  his  voice  .

The   two  brothers   stood   at   each  end  of  the   bridge , and  then  they  slowly  walked   and  met    in  the   middle , taking  each   other’s  hand .

They   turned  to  see   the  carpenter  hoist  his  toolbox   onto   his   shoulder . ” no , wait ,  Stay   a   few  days . I’ve  a  lot  of  other   projects   for  you  , ”   said  the  older   brother . 

”  I ‘d    love   to   stay  on ” ,  the   carpenter  said , but   I  have  many   more  bridges  to   build ” .



One      day   a   young   lady    was   driving   along ,  with   her   father . They   came   upon   a   storm  ,  and   the   young  lady   asked   her   father  , ”  what   should   I  do? He   said   ”  keep  driving  ” . Cars   began   to   pull   over   to   the   side . the   storm  was   getting  worse .

”  What   should   I  do ?   .The   young  lady  asked   . ”   Keep   driving  ”  replied   her   father .

Further    down    the  road  , she  noticed   that  eighteen   wheelers   were  also    pulling   over  .  She    told   her   dad , ”  I  must   also  pull   over , I   can   barely   see  ahead .  It    is   terrible ,  and   everyone   is  pulling  over ! “

Her   father  told   her  , ”  don’t   give   up  , just   keep  driving !” 

Now   the   storm   was   terrible  , but  she  never  stopped  driving ,  and  soon   she   could  see  a  little  more   clearly . After   a   couple   of  miles   , she  was  again  on  dry   land ,  and  the  sun    came  out . 

Her   father   said  ,  ”  Now   you   can   pull  over   and   get   out ” .   She   said  ”  but  why  now ?  “

He   said   ”  when   you   get   out  ,  look  back  at   all  the  people  who  gave  up  and   are   still  in  the  storm ,  and  because  you   never   gave   up  , your   storm   is now   over “

Never  ever   give  up   the  fight   . In  spite  of   obstacles   and  hurdles  , trust  in  the  divine  force  and  presence  ,  which  is  always  by  your  side  , guiding  you  through  the   storms  ,  and   forge  ahead    and   success   will   be  yours !!!!!!!!!!!!!


And   now   there’s    a   new   fairness   cream   for   men ! And   before  you  rush  out  to  buy   one  , or  are  already  using  one  , here  is  a  story .

His   thumb   softly  rubbed   the  twisted  flesh  on  my   cheek  . The   plastic   surgeon  ,  a  good   fifteen  years   my   senior  ,  was  a  very   attractive   man . ” hmmm ”  , he  said  quietly , ”  Are   you  a  model ?”

Is  this  some  kind  of  a  joke ?   Is   he    kidding  ?  . I  asked   myself ,  as   I    searched   his  handsome  face  for   signs  of   mockery . No  way   would  anyone  ever   confuse   me   with  a  model . I was  ugly  . My   mother  casually  referred    to  my  sister  as   her  pretty   child . Anyone   could  see  I  was  homely .After  all , I had   the   scar  to   prove  it . 

The    accident    happened     in    fourth   grade  ,  when  a  neighbour  boy   picked  up  a  hunk   of  concrete   and  heaved  the   mass  on  the   side  of  my  face  .  An   emergency  room   doctor  stitched  together  the  shreds  of  skin ,  and  sutured  the  shreds  of   flesh  inside   my   mouth  .  For   the   rest  of   the  year  , a  huge   bandage  from  cheekbone  to  jaw  covered  the   angry    welt .

A  few   weeks  after   the  accident  ,   an  eye  exam  revealed  I  was   near  –  sighted . So  above   the   ungainly  bandage  sat   a  big  , thick   pair   of   glasses . ” Well ”  sighed  my   father  that   evening  ,  ”  You ‘ll    always   be   pretty   to  me  .” and  he  hesitated  ” even  if   you  aren’t   to  the  rest  of  the  world .

” Right . Thanks . In  a  culture  that  values  beauty  , an  ugly  girl  is   an   outcast . My    looks  caused  me   no  end  of   pain . I sat  in   my   room  and   sobbed  every   time   my   family    watched  a  beauty    pageant  or    a  ”  talent  ”    search   show .

Eventually  I  decided  that  if  I   couldn’t   be    pretty , I   would    at   least  be   well  –  groomed . Over  the  course  of   years , I  learned  to   style  my    hair  ,  wear    contact  lenses   and  apply   make –  up . Watching    what    worked   for   other   women  , I  learned  to   dress   myself   to   best  advantage .  And   now , I    was   engaged   to  be   married  . The   scar  ,  shrunken    and    faded  with   age  ,  stood  between  me  and   a  new  life .  ”  Of   course  , I am  not   a  model . ”  I  told   the   doctor  with   a   small    amount  of    indignation .

The   plastic   surgeon    crossed  his  arms   over   his  chest   and   looked   at  me   appraisingly .  ” Then   why   are   you   concerned  about   this   scar  ?  .If   there  is  no   professional  reason  to   have   it   removed , what   brought  you  here  today ? “

His    voice  was  low  and  soft .  ”  Let    me  tel  you  what  I see  . I   see   a   beautiful   woman. Not   a   perfect   woman  , but  a  beautiful   woman .  Lauren   Hutton   has   a  gap   between   her   front   teeth  .  Elizabeth     Taylor   has   a  tiny ,  tiny  scar   on   her  forehead . Every     person   has   an   imperfection ,  and     that    imperfection    makes    their   beauty  more   remarkable  because  it   makes    them   human  .”

He    pushed   back   the   stool   and  stood  up  . ” I   won’t  touch  it  . Don’t     let    anyone   fool   with   your   face .  You   are   delightful   just   the   way   you  are  .  Beauty   really  does   come    from   within  .  Believe   me  .”   Then   he   left  .  I    turned   to   the   face   in   the  mirror  .  He   was  right .  Somehow   over   the   years  ,  the  ugly   child   had   become     a   beautiful   woman .  Since   that  day  in   his   office  , I   have   been   told  many   times   by   people   of   both   the   sexes  that  ”  I   am  beautiful ” .  And  I  know   I  am  . When  I    changed  how  I SAW  MYSELF ,  OTHERS   WERE  FORCED   TO  CHANGE  HOW   THEY   SAW  ME  . .The   doctor  didn’t  remove   the   scar  on   my  face  ;   he    removed  the    scar   in   my  heart …..!

Still      feel   like   buying   your   fairness   cream  ??????????


This   is   a  true   story   which   happened  in  the   States  . 

man   came  out   of   his  home   to   admire   his   new   truck . To   his  puzzlement  , his  three   –  year  old   son  was   happily  hammering   dents   into  the   shiny   paint  of  the  truck .  The     man   flew  into  a  blind   rage  , knocked  the little   boy , and   hammered    his  tiny  ,  little  hands  into  pulp  as  punishment .

When   he   calmed   down  ,  he  rushed   the  child   to   the   hospital . Although   the  doctor    tried  desperately  to   save  the  crushed  little  bones , he  failed  ,  and  had   to  amputate   the  fingers   from   both  the  boy’s  hands .

 When   the  little   boy  woke  up  from   the   surgery ,  and  saw  his   bandaged   stubs ,  he   innocently  said  , ” Daddy  ,  I’m   sorry  about   your  truck .” Then   he  asked ,  ” but  when  are  my  fingers  going  to  grow   back  ? “

The  heart  –  broken   father  went  home   and   committed  suicide .

Think  about  this  story  the  next  time  ,  someone   steps  on  your  feet  or  when  ever  you  want  to  take  revenge .Think   first  ,  before   you   lose  your   patience  with    someone  you  love . Trucks   can   be  repaired  .  Broken   bones  and  hurt  feelings   can  do  irreparable   damage ,  and  forever   and  can  never   be  repaired.

 Too  often   we  fail   to  recognise  the  difference  between   the  person  and   the  performance . We   forget  that   forgiveness  is  greater   than   revenge . People   make   mistakes  . We  are   allowed   to  make   mistakes  in  the  eyes  of  the  ever  forgiving  and  merciful  Lord .But   the  actions  taken  in  blind  rage  will  haunt   us forever .

 Pause  and  ponder  .  Think   before  you  act  . Be  patient . Forgive  and   forget . Love  one  and  all .


Food   scientists   and   nutritionists  the   world   over   also   acknowledge    the   fact   that   spices  have  a  lot   more  to  them  than  just   taste . They   possess   medicinal   qualities   and  micro   nutrients   that    can   make   a  difference   to   body   health .

 CARDAMOM      :  (  ELAICHI ) :  It   works  as  a  carminative  (  relieves   flatulence )  and   digestant ( aids digestion ) . It   stimulates   the   stomach  to  produce  more  acids ,  which   in   turn improves  digestion .  And    of   course  after  a  meal , it  can   subdue   the  after –  taste   of   garlic   and  onions  by   acting   as   a  mouth  –  freshener  .

CLOVES          :         (  lAVANG  )   : Clove   oil    is   a  great   pain   reliever,  especially   for  toothaches .  It   can   also   combat   nausea ,  when  taken  in  tea , eases    digestion  problems    and   parasitic   infections .  Clove   oil   is   also  a  potent   antibiotic  (   kills   germs ).   When   you   have   a    toothache ,  apply  a  few   crushed   cloves   to   the  aching   tooth   for   instant   relief .

PEPPER            :       (  KALI   MIRCH  ) :  Pepper   is   an  incredible   powerhouse   of    medicinal  qualities .  It   works   as   diaphoretic (  induces  sweating ), diuretic (  prevents   water   retention )      and     carminative   ( relieves    flatulence ) . It   stimulates   the   taste   buds   which  in  turn  increases  the   production   of  stomach  acids   and  helps   digestion . It  also   has   antioxidant   and   antibacterial  properties .  The   outer   layer  of   pepper  –  corn  helps  in  breaking    down   fat   cells . 

CINNAMON     :      ( DALCHINI  )    :      Research   has    confirmed   that   cinnamon   has  the  following   qualities –    it   is  a   sedative  , anticonvulsant (   reduces  the     severity    of    fits  as  in   epilepsy ) , antibiotic , diaphoretive , diuretic  and   anti –   ulcerative . When   you  have   a  cold  coming  up  make   sure    you   have    a    cup   of    cinnamon    and   ginger   tea   with   a   dash   of   lime . It   will   warm   you   up   and   make  you   feel   good .

SAFFRON           :     (  KESAR   )           :      Saffron   is   the   only   spice     known   to   contain   water –   soluble  carotene . It   is  an   anti -oxidant  and    anti   cancerous .  It   also   has  sedative   and  diaphoretic   effects  , and  is   considered  to   be   a  potent   aphrodisiac  . In  India   , pregnant   women   are  advised  to  add   saffron   to  a  glass  of  milk   and  drink   it  daily    in   order  to   have    a    fair ,   beautiful   and    healthy     baby   !!!!!!



It   is   important   for   hypertensive   individuals  to   watch  their  blood   pressure   levels   lest  they   develop   complications   such   as   heart   disease  or   stroke  . Apart  from  medication  and  regular   exercise    they    also     need     to   watch   their   diet  .  Given   below  is   a  list  of  foods  that  can  help      hypertensive    individuals    to  control  their  condition   and   live    a   healthy    life  . 

OATS   –   several   studies   demonstrate   that   adding   oats   to   your    diet   significantly    lowers  both  , the   systolic    and    diastolic    pressure .Oats  contain   soluble   and    insoluble   fibre   and   are   a    rich    source    of    selenium  . Often  , hypertensive  people   are   also   diabetic . Having   a  bowl   of    oats   with   skimmed   milk    everyday   helps   monitor   blood  sugar  levels  too .

SPINACH   – Spinach   is   high   in   magnesium   and   according   to   research , magnesium   has   a   considerable   effect   on   lowering   blood   pressure .It    acts   by   relaxing   the  blood  vessels ,   so   that  the   heart   has   to   work   less .  This  ,  in   turn  ,  reduces   pressure   on   the   walls   of   the   vessels  . Magnesium   also   helps   cure   calf   muscle   pain  , which   is   a   common   complaint   with  those   suffering    from   hypertension  .

ALMONDS   – This    king   of   nuts   is    heart  –  friendly . Almonds   contain   mono  unsaturated  fats  { the   good   cholesterol}  and   hence ,  do   not   harm   your  heart .  They  have   cholesterol –  lowering  properties  and   also  reduce   the   amount  of   bad  cholesterol {LDL .} In   addition  ,   these   nuts   contain   high   amounts   of   protein  ,   fibre  ,  calcium ,  magnesium  and  vitamin  E . You   can  eat  ,   them   plain    or   roasted  ;  they   also    help   in    weight  loss .

SOYBEAN   –   Soy   contains   high   levels   of   good   quality   protein  and  B  complex  vitamins  . It also   has    considerable  amount   of  trace   elements .  It   can   be   taken  as   soybeans  , soy   milk   or   tofu  . It   also   plays   a   major   role   in   preventing   cardiovascular    diseases  .

GREEN  TEA   –   As   the  Chinese   say    Its   better   to   be   deprived  of    food   for   three   days  ,  than   to   be   deprived   of  tea   for   one  ,especially    if   the   tea   is   green  .  What   makes  this  tea   better  than   others   is   that   it   undergoes   less   oxidation   during    manufacturing  . Green   tea   is    useful  in   reducing    the   chances   of   blood   vessel   blockage    due   to   cholesterol . It   also   has   generous   doses   of   anti  –   oxidants   that   arrest   ageing .

COCONUT   WATER   –   This   refreshing   drink    specially   prepared   and   packaged   by   nature   for   you   is   an   elixir  of   life  . Coconut  water  has   zero  cholesterol  and   minimum   fats  .  It   is   also rich   in   minerals   that   lower    blood     pressure ,  potassium   and   magnesium .  Foods   rich   in  potassium     are  not   good  for   people   with  kidney  problems   . so  do   consult   your  doctor   before   having  them .

DARK  CHOCOLATE   –   Dark   chocolate   contains   flavanoids   that   dilate   blood   vessels  ,   which   reduces   blood  pressure .  According   to   a   recent    study   by   the   University   of  Adelaide , Australia  ,  eating   dark   chocolate   reduces   blood   pressure  by  5mm .Dark   chocolate  also   contains  anti  –  oxidants   and    promotes   heart   health  .  But   be   careful  not   to   over   indulge , having  about  2  -3  pieces   is   fine  .